Ok so what the heck happened today?

Read only everything disabled??? Any ideas?

Making America Great Again.

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It was hosed up, I thought it was in maintenance mode, and didn’t call the man. Should have called earlier. Sorry folks.

Tune in next week, folks. lol

Hosed up…is that an IT term???

Yes. An IT term. That’s the ticket.

I thought Id heard that around the office a time or two. Lol

I was pretty hosed up last Saturday night.

And what’s going on today? What is with the video popping up every time you change pages? And the text editor is barely functional? Did someone screw up the site with an invasive advertisement or something?

Looks like it?

Anybody got a clue. What’s with the pop-up pope adds? They’re preposterous!

We can check and see if the raining gold coins ad is still available. . . . . .










I may now have to join the witness relocation program for even suggesting that :smiley:


Absolutely ya do!

Yeah, this pop up video stuff is too much. Just when we thought it was fixed.

I’m using the Opera browser. It hasn’t affected me at all.

Well, if you guys don’t do something about the popping Pope and the text entry issues soon, you won’t have to. :wink:

The man is on it.

That was a great add. Made me feel like I was in Vegas.

Sam, is this on desktop? Check it now.

Whatever is doing that, since it has started I have had to restart my computer after coming to this site and that started at the same time as these new video ads. If I come to this site, my web browser is somewhat jumpy afterwards.