Ok. Since we're obsessing about slavery.............Again

First. I think it was bizarre that Nikki Haley was taking questions about policy that has been dead for 160 years. Why? Totally irrelevant. It was a total “gotcha” question.

Now the point. Portugal, The Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Spain all held and trafficked slaves for hundreds of years. The U.S. held slaves for roughly 80 years. Yet, I have not heard of anybody shaking down those other countries for cash. Why not? Why let them off the hook? Portugal was the Pablo Escobar of the slave trade. Who is demanding money from them? Anybody?

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If the descendants of the slave trade want to pursue that… I wouldn’t stop them.

I still want someone to explain why these countries are treated as if they’re innocent…

I don’t think that they are.

Have anything to support that?

People and their silly little get rich quick schemes. :rofl:


Quick google:



Okay. Good info. But you had to dig for it. Is this the top priority of any American liberal? Is getting money from Portugal part of the 1619 project or any American reparations movement? Is the U.K going to send money to the U.S. where the descendants of their slaves live? Got a google search for that?

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Dig for it?

I googled ‘Portugal slavery reparations’. The spain, Uk, etc…

Why would Portuguese reparations be a priority for an American liberal?

What on earth are you talking about? Do you know why it’s called the 1619 project?

Why would they?

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Good question. Because that’s where nearly all of the decedents of their slaves live.

The adaptation of the Afro-descendant category operative in the case of the USA is complex for the Spanish case due to the geographical diversity of its colonial and slavery processes. It is for this reason that we have dispensed with this category

Yes. Thanks for asking.

Why would england give money to US citizens?

Your thread makes no sense.

Improvement in math and reading skills would improve one’s life, in the long run, many more times than one lump sum payment.
But that would be harder…as well as less divisive.


Unfortunately, money in the pocket means access to better education.

I’ not arguing for or against. Just pointing out what a proponent might say.

But none of this has anything to do with the thread which is about the supposed lack of attention to the calls for reparations in other countries, or maybe about the lack of American activists demanding money from Portugal. I’m not really sure.

I’m a bit perplexed by this thread.

The Brits get clobbered all the time for both their slavery past and colonialism.

Matter of fact it wasn’t too long ago that Barbados threw a reparations lawsuit against the United Kingdom.


Also, just to add, reparations are dumb.



did you know anything about the amistad case?

portugal and spain were guilty as sin.

illegally transporting free africans to become slaves.

SCOTUS said so……


As,far as African countries or Great Britain? Not interested in that as an issue because I reject the whole idea of going back into history and trying to balance old injustices by placing charges on people who weren’t even alive then to the benefit of people who weren’t even alive then.


Our media makes it appear that only western countries had slavery.

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Here’s two reasons; first…“we” have money. Second many among “we” believe they can buy "V"irtuous with tax dollars so they’re more vulnerable to this persuasion of their guilt.