Oh, Oh....Project Veritas Exposes Fake News ABC

The corrupt establishment purchased by Pfizer…bought Project Veritas. They then fired O’Keefe with allegations and he went on his way. They crashed in flames and O’Keefe picked up his good work right where he left off.

It was O’Keefe that said that there was no evidence that anything happened in Erie Post Office in 2020.

So that ends that conspiracy… right?

So now you believe him? If he’s the liar you’ve suggested he is, then applying your logic, that proves there was evidence that something happened in the Erie Post Office in 2020…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

You are flailing my dude.

Uh, huh…and you are having to now practice what you’ve preached.

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You are making no sense.

Do you still believe the Great Erie Post Office Conspiracy of 2020?

What I believe is that there is no way a dumb ■■■■ like Brandon could get millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions more votes than President Obama…even if hate is what leads a lib’s life. I give you and those politically like you…more credit.

That doesn’t answer the question that was asked.

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Were they votes for Biden…or votes against Trump?

What you really asked was, do Brandonites lead with their lack of brains or their hate? I know this is news to you but either way, they are losers. What’s even worse is…due to their supposedly being 81 million losers, “we” all lost. Libs own the border disaster…be proud.

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…and here O’Keefe goes again unveiling corruption in the IRS.

Why haven’t you learned anything about Okeefe? This is getting sad.

Not sure what that video was supposed to prove. An employee of the IRS says what he is involved in is unconstitutional. So what? its his opinion.

I found the transcript of the bombshell conversation and he never actually said it was unconstitutional just that he thinks he doubts it is.

This is just one of a plethora of IRS employees in that dept shooting the ■■■■ about his employer, like i suspect so many do.

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Can you rebut what’s on the video?

I’m still trying to interpret “any they”.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…thanks for the libsplination. Cheers. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Oh, oh…bad news?