Ocasio-Cortez Townhall: "We've Got To Start Eating Babies" Due To Climate Crisis

At a constituent town hall event hosted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a woman said we must start eating babies due to the climate crisis…“we only have a few months left.” The woman wore a shirt with the printed slogan: “Save The Planet. Eat The Children.”

AOC responded with leftist double talk but did not renounce the idea of eating babies.

I think we need to realize just how crazy these people are.


Finally, someone at one of her rallies/TH’s that makes AOC look relatively sane in comparison.

Funny how lunatics curl up in same ball.

From aborting babies to eating them. Only libs could come up with that.

Remind you of anything in particular?


The frothing that AOC brings out of Trump supporters is hilarious.


That chick had to be a plant. Well…hopefully she was? :sunglasses:

Holy ■■■■■ Was that lady on PCP or something??

They needed desperately to find someone that made AOC not look like the dumbest and least sane person in the room.

This isn’t on Dancing Girl. They all have crazies that show up.

I believe she was the real deal.
A steady diet of leftist dogma will drive anybody nuts.

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Why didn’t she say “No, I don’t advocate eating babies”. ?
Yeah, it’s on her.

When you fear monger loud and long there will always be a few tip toeing along the edge that are finally driven over it.

She’s a good example so is the little Swedish girl.


No Bill, it’s not. She says enough stupid stuff on her own without hanging a psycho around her neck.

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In all fairness I think AOC was just dumbfounded at the nutt’s commentary since it was way off of any script she had prepared.

Of course, she’s so reliant on the lunatics on the left as her base she wouldn’t want to offend any of them either.

Well stated.

When directly questioned about it, why didn’t she denounce eating babies?

I’ll agree.

Because not eating babies is the default setting. If she doesn’t officially endorse it, you can’t assume she is for it!

Wow…applying the lib methodology used on Trump would at least be…consistent?

I don’t think Trump endorses eating babies either…