Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Fox for making fun of her income

Isn’t amazing how you can go to Congress middle class and come out a multi millionaire! And that’s definitely with out building a dam thing😎!

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That’s the publisher’s problem.

This is one of those common knowledge things that really doesn’t stand to much scrutiny.

It’s meant to imply some kind of corruption when it only extremely rarely is.

I figured a picture is worth a thousand words.

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I’m not surprised you visit r/The_Donald. Do you know for certain if she owns that suit? Have you never heard of clothing designers letting famous people wear their clothes for photo shoots to gain publicity? And even if she does have a fancy suit, who cares? I have a thousand dollar suit for very special occasions, but I am still 2 missed paychecks away from living on the street.

You are very confused on what socialism is.

What is this supposed to mean?

Like Scott Pruitt? He got sweeeeeeet deal. Didn’t even have to pay when he wasn’t there.

Add irony to things to look up, too.

What posted is more akin to communism. I know what socialism is.

I believe that you believe that you know what socialism is.

She should set her salary at $15/hour.

Has anyone told her this job requires re-election after so long? That’s it’s not one of those guaranteed jobs?

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Either way she wearing expensive suit and then pretends to one of them…the working folks.

Her shoes I can buy couple pairs of good old fashion American made ■■■■ kickers.

Close your Wiki there Conan. :wink:

Anyway, when she continues to dress that way, spend like a big cheese, etc. she will still be one of the “little people” who feels their pain.

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You do know that you don’t wear your own clothing at a photo shot right?

Yeah. Because a single photo overrides her entire life story.

That makes sense but when all you do is judge people on their appearance that’s what you can expect.

You don’t seem to understand how a photo shot work they rent the clothing.

Does she continue to dress like that?

How did you feel about Palin?

Yes a person working as a waitress in NYC isn’t part of the “little people” she is clearly an elite.