OBSTRUCTION OBSESSION: Debunking the Media's 'Myth’ That Interview Caught Trump ‘In Obstruction’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/obstruction-obsession-debunking-the-medias-myth-that-interview-caught-trump-in-obstruction/

The Hill’s John Solomon thoroughly debunked the media’s newest anti-Trump ‘obstruction’ obsession this week; saying Lester Holt’s interviews with the President and James Comey show the media “can weave” one narrative for public opinion that would never “fly in the court of law.”

“For most of the past two years, many of my colleagues in the news media have pointed to a single statement in President Trump’s now infamous May 2017 interview with NBC News’s Lester Holt as the best evidence that the president intended to obstruct the Russia probe when he fired then-FBI Director James Comey,” writes Solomon.

“That soundbite was revived by TV networks after Barr announced his decision not to pursue obstruction charges two weeks ago,” he added. “In retrospect, Holt’s interviews of Trump and Comey — two years apart — provide a powerful example of how the media can weave one narrative in the court of public opinion that would never fly in a court of law.”

Read Solomon’s full report at The Hill.