Obama. The Worst President in American History?


2008 spending in Alaska by McCain:

McCain and his interest groups spent just $1,836.



your own link shows that 26 states were visited by candidates unbder the EC.

There would be NO REASON to visit any but the 5 most populous states under popular vote.




Neither campaign advertised or visited this state during the fall campaign.


This is a guess, right? You have no actual evidence of this. What about the 6th most populous state? The 7th? And so on.

You must admit this is your opinion and not fact.



Neither campaign advertised or visited this state during the 2004 fall campaign.


2008 Wyoming

Because Wyoming is a strong red state, not much advertising went into the state. Obama didn’t spend anything while the Republican National Committee spent $2,518.[17] Neither campaign visited the state.


Yes, ANWR was opened up. Are you under the impression that this was solely an Alaskan issue? I could have sworn Republicans in the lower 48 have been talking ANWR for decades or am I wrong? Seems it was a national issue for Republicans so it wasn’t doing Alaska a special favor. By opening it up Trimp was making all Republicans happy.

Nice try.


He was only feeding his base. His only concern right now is re-election to stay out of legal trouble. In an odd way he’s kind of running from the past and running for his past.


Then, let’s be generous and say 10 states.

That’s STILL 16 less than were visited under the EC and 40 that will not have any need for any other types of campaigning and information gathering.

There is just no way you can compare a system that just needs numbers to a system that respects the power of all states to shape the decisions.



Now you’re back to visits as the metric? Ok.

Of course you are just making up the number of states you think they would visit.

As I already showed, even under the EC system, small states where the outcome is well established rarely get visited nor do candidates spend much money on them.


You keep skipping by the salient point: With the EC the candidates ALREADY spend more time and effort and money in far more states than they would need to in a popular vote.

You just cannot get by that.

By any metric you can name the most states get the most interest of all kinds in the EC. And that’s why the EC isnb’t going anywhere.



You do understand the difference between speculation and fact, right?

Yeah, I doubt the EC is going anywhere. I think a popular vote might see some states get a lot more attention than they have in the past. In the EC system, like I showed with evidence, many states will be ignored because of one of two reasons;

  1. The winner take all EC is not in doubt and is safely D or R.

  2. The state is a small EC state…the stakes are too low.

Now, in a popular vote #1 disappears as there is typically a substantial minority vote of D or R. There are a lot of R voted in California, for example.


Trump actually keeps his promises, unlike Obama with


I liked my doctor, I kept my doctor. Promise kept.


That’s really deluded.


Where is Trumpcare? Why is the national deficit exploding? Where are Trump’s tax returns? Why is Trump an adulterer? Why does he use Christians for votes? Why is Hillary not in prison? Where is the wall? Where is the trillion dollar infrastructure? Why is China not labeled a currency manipulator? Why did he add corruption to the swamp?


ANWR was not opened up due to an executive order by Trump. The Republican-controlled House and Senate included a provision in their tax legislation that ANWR be opened up to oil drilling.


obamacare. IT exploded under obama.

Christians probably vote for him, because
they realize that Republican politicians tend to love the Lord, and a lot of people that vote Democrat don’t love God. Hillary should be in prison, but when you have a whole Party covering
up her corruption, especially since it would take out several of them at the top Democrat
Politician wise, yeah, it’s ganna be pretty hard to expose her and the rest of the Dem Politicians. Why didn’t fellow Presidents ever tax China like Trump is?

Drain that Swamp Trump!


I said NOTHING about an executive order. He encouraged them to add that legislation and then he SIGNED it into law - AS OPPOSED to Barack Obama, who would NOT sign any legislation that opened up ANWR.

He was as involved as he could legally be.

Don’t be obtuse for the sake of being obtuse.



So voting for people like Obama is good, and voting for Trump is bad?

Most Americans don’t want Socialists like Obama, and the democrat Politicians.