Obama. The Worst President in American History?


You’re joking right? oh crap! you’re serious. lol.

Sorry, but the law is the law. Two terms only allowed for each president max.
Someday maybe the Dems in Washington will change it, but not today.


And we almost had it if not for you meddling kids uncovering our Walmart re-education camps!




This is available at Walmart



But people like Hillary Clinton were on the board of directors at

Hillary is a Democrat.


why would Democrats want kids in Concentration camps, forcing
things down their throats?

Especially if they’re already Liberals?


It’s just for the ones that escaped abortions.
They are passing new legislation to prevent future burdens.


This is why Democrat Politicians like Cortez want the Electoral college gone.

When they constantly do things like stuff ballot boxes, Russian Collusion with Hillary, and allow millions of illegals to vote, of course Liberals will always have the so
called Popular vote. lol.

It’s because they’re cheating and corrupt,
and its fake. lol. They need to ramble on about the popular vote, that way,
when they lose, they have something to whine about! lol.
And justify why they lost? lol.

Democrat Politicians are sooo great at projecting things onto Republicans,
and Donald Trump.


More Liberal Democrat Propaganda. It’s not enough that they support Abortion,
letting little girl refugees get raped and do nothing about it, have the Kids Liberal
channel(I mean Disney), and aim *** and so many other things at children
in general these days.

They have to have this garbage also. I guess it shows how truly desperate Democrat
Politicians have become. They don’t even have to hide who they’re any more.

Democrat Politicians are Proud to be corrupt, evil, and lacking morality.


If you don’t want Entire Socialism, then Why do you vote for Democrats?

Do you honestly think that they’re just going to pick and chose what the their voters want?

They’re going to pick and chose exactly what they want, and then force
it on America.


I admire your imagination. You should be an author.


So you’re saying that Democrat Politicians have never stuffed boxes with
Ballots? I know, let’s go back to the 2000th Presidential race, and see
what counties in Florida had “Trouble” with a recount? I bet those two counties,
never had that happen again. lol. Do you think that a Democrat or a Republican
was in charge of the recounts in these Counties?

Do you believe that 0 Illegal Immigrants vote in Presidential elections?

Cortez keeps saying it. It’s on the news. It’s even on Liberal fake news,
how she wants to get rid of the Electoral College.

I’m sorry my non-friend, but you’re the one that is imagining things.


Dem’s don’t want entire socialism.


Once again there you go questioning someone else’s morality. You have no room to ever question the moral compass of other people while YOU support a person as vile as Donald J. Trump.


Putting this kind of BS at the front of your posts makes it SO much easier to ignore the remainder. Thanks!


Forget it. He KNOWS Dems want entire socialism. Feels it in his bones and what talk radio has been telling him for 30 years. You can’t compete against that sort of indoctrination.


The history of elections in this country demonstrates that this is not a long-term winning strategy.

Seriously, lay off the talk radio.


Well why not? The Democrat Politicians seem to be portraying that’s what they want.


Only in your fever dream.


Why are conservatives so easily manipulated???

Did it ever occur to you that the talking heads you idolize have created this image of Dems wanting all this radical socialism just so they could get people like you all worked up into a frenzy?

I know plenty of Dems, some more liberal than others, but NONE of them want the BS that Limbaugh et al lead YOU to believe!!!

I wish you would let that sink in and realize you’re being played by those you are so enamored with.