Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Obama had 8 years to govern ,i don’t think you can compare them.


The vote of the people determine the make up of the Electoral delegates.
The number of people in your state determine the number of delegates.
It balances the high population states with the low population states, giving a voice to all.
If we give up the EC because we do not like the way it works, we should get rid of the House of Representatives.
They work in a similar fashion. A guarantee of a voice in national matters.


One person one vote gives a voice to all.


I blame the schools for not teaching civics anymore!
I can not believe how many people do not understand how you vote for a president.
In most states, your votes are totaled and electoral delegates are chosen to represent your vote.
By the constitutional rules, each state is free to choose the process that they use to pick these delegates.
The number of delegates is in perportion to the population of each state. This is similar to the House of Representatives, so each state has a voice, and no one state has too much power over the others.
These delegates get together and follow the process to elect the president.
Look at those pushing this EC removal agenda. They are from big population areas. If they find a way to void the constitution and pass this, most of the country will no longer matter in the election process.


No, it does not. In this case, as with the House of Representatives, it is much more complex, and the left is counting on the uneducated to not understand!


You have it completely wrong. You should have said that we would get rid of the Senate. The House is representation by population, not by states. That is the Senate.


He heard an expert say so on TV.

You know, your standard of proof.


Again, the states are already represented in govt by congress.



You misunderstand what I was saying.

I was speaking from their perspective with regard to electing presidents. Without the EC there is no reason to be a part of the union, with repsect to presidential election.

I’m well aware that they have other reasons they may want to be states in the United States, but we are speaking of presidential elections.



No, they don’t

Why bother to go to Alaska as you can match their population with a few big cities in California alone?

The EC gives you electors based on the population size of the state, but it also gives you electors just for being a state and those electors count in the total, so just being a state makes you important - no matter how small a state you are.

That’s a two-fer.




If that were true we don’t need separate state governments at all.

And yet we have them. They have sovereignty over their state laws and an appreciable amount of sovereignty from the FedGov.

Guaranteed in the Constitution.



CONGRESS does not elect presidents.

The EC gives the states their voice in the election of a president. Congress cannot give them that voice in the electoin of a president. It doesn’t vote for the President.



10 savvy


Are you really saying that an expert standing in a classroom is necessarily more expert than an expert who is on TV?

Expertness is a quality one achieves based on their experience within a given field - not based on where they share that expertise.



No. I said nothing of the sort.

Is English your second language?


Oh, I’m sorry.

It’s just that your smarmy statement about MY standard of proof led me to believe you might be thinking that, since he didn’t even mention “TV”



Now you changed what you originally said but ok, we agree.



Changed nothing. This whole discussion has been about the election process and nothing else.

I am really the best expert on what I say and what I mean.




The states don’t NEED a vote for the President.


Well, I’m just glad you clarified.