Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Why Clinton?


He brought us big donor “tough” on crime Democrats. That alone is honestly enough, but overachiever as he is, he had to spend his time rising to the top assaulting women without consequence.


Wasn’t there that whole thing while Clinton was in office over in Africa, and two black Tribes were fighting each other, and hundreds of thousands of blacks died,
while Slick Willy did nothing.

Personally, I thought that looked really bad for him and the Democrats.
I mean, especially since they try to manipulate minorities so much to get
their vote, and simply Expect them to vote for Democrats. Even though
they take their votes for granite.


Well the Clintons can’t seem to stay out of Trouble.

It’s either Hillary with Benghazi, and deleting classified top secret documents.
You know possibly like where are spies at in other countries are.
I’m guessing she sold them to the top donor, and betrayed our country.
But that’s just my guess on the matter.

Or you can go with Slick Willy, that likes raping underaged girls
on fantasy island. Than again several Democrats seem to go for
underage girls. They even enjoy letting old men marry underaged girls,
and seem to get away with it some how?


You know that Clinton wasn’t alone on those flights right? A Mr. Donald Trump knew Jeffery Epstein just as well.

This is all speculation after all. Since Epstein got away with only 3 years with shutting his mouth.


Her server wasn’t illegal.

You get bad information and run with it. Who’s the idiot that told you that?


I am thankful that Obama was far from our greatest president. “Great” presidents have a nasty habit of coming along with wars, depressions, massive loss of life. For example Abraham Lincoln is frequently ranked at the top and his presidency saw a massive war with the largest loss of life in American history.

I hope that Trump will be not great president either. The country does not need another Lincoln.


A National Emergengy déclaration it not a big deal. Barry did one in 2009. It was for the flu, I think.
It has been used about 54 times in the last 30+ years for a wide variety of reasons, big and small.
If you do not think there is a valid reason for calling the events at the border, or the results of the invasion (there is really no other word for it), with the death, drugs, desease, and mayhem, coming from the small minority of the invaders that wish us ill, a National Emergency, there is something wrong with you.
While tha vast majority of the folks coming in ,just want to help themselves, and or their families, we hear mostly about the drug runners, human trafficers, gang members, career criminals, and terrorists sneaking in.
If one of your family members is killed, raped, or robbed by one of them, it is a big deal.
It seems selfish to blame all of them for our hardships caused by a few.
We need to find a way to sift the “bad guys” out of the pack.
Once we have that figured out, there would be no need for a wall, or what ever you want to call it.


So then, do you agree that the Clintons are guilty?


There is a huge different between knowing someone, and Clinton
going to fantasy Island.


The Democratic Politicians have been fighting for open borders for over 40+ years,
because it’s party of their Socialist Agenda.

If they let Trump beat them on this, it will slow down so many things
that they have in progress, and their Anarchy type Agenda.

After all, when they protect Murderers, Rapists and drug lords in sanctuary cities,
it’s helping their Anarchy Agenda and ripping this country apart at the same time.
Terrorism, gang members, and other things that you mentioned as well.


Oh my goodness! NO the economy and jobs did just the opposite, so you are so wrong on this one.


The Unemployment rate was 7.8% in January of 2009 and was 4.8% in January of 2017.


I know right?

I guess Democrats would think that Lincoln was a horrible President.

Freeing the Slaves and all. The Democrats started the KKK, so why would
they like Lincoln?


That’s incorrect, but I know it fits your narrative.

“The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, sometime between December 1865 and August 1866 by six former officers of the Confederate army[21] as a fraternal social club inspired at least in part by the then largely defunct Sons of Malta.”


So you don’t think that Abraham Lincoln Didn’t free the slaves?




Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of a non-Socialist

He was a Republican President, and he ended slavery.


The US was never a socialist country.


Except for the military…and police…and fire depts. in most places.