Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Dont forget roads.


Yes, the roads. How else are the socialist police going to get to there socialist police stations. :grin:


Oh have to understand that most conservatives define “socialism” differently than moderates and liberals. Here, let me help you out.

Liberal/Moderate: Socialism is that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Conservative: Socialism is any govt spending or program except ones that I agree with.


About the only 2 countries that are truly free of socialism are Somalia and the Sudan.


I understand that, you needed to see who I was responding to to understand my statement.


Using an actual dictionary, with definitions, is not fair. :wink:


He was the one I was actually posting to. Hopefully he gets the message.


I never said America was a Socialist country???


You said this:

Sounds like you are saying that the US was non-Socialist.


You’re right. The US has never been a Socialist country, and I never said that it was.


Liberal/Moderate: Socialism is a way that we can be a one Party system,
and the Liberals have all of the power and take everything over, and everyone
counts on them for everything.

Conservatives: Socialism is the opposite of what has worked in America, and is the opposite of what makes America so great.


Is Ocasio a socialist because she wants to raise top marginal rates to 70% on $10 million+ ?


The US has incorporated elements of socialism since it’s inception. We’re currently a mixed economy, incorporating elements of capitalism and socialism.


No. But that doesn’t help either.
She’s A Socialist, because she admits to believing in Socialism for America.


First Socialism, and then Communism comes next.


More conservative camp fire scare stories.


Especially considering its never ever worked like that.


It’s nice and cozy by the fire.

Ganna roast me smore Dem Marshmallows.


What countries has full fledged Socialism and not just bits and pieces of Socialism
worked for again?


Ok, so your point is that adopting certain socialist programs will not lead a country to full blown socialism. I agree. So let’s stop with the slippery slope socialism cries and evaluate each program in its own merit.

Socialized medicine seems to be working for most countries.