Obama Taking false credit, like most Demrats do

The Economy is so much better with Trump as President(and the Republicans controlling the House and Senate), but even after Trump wins his second term of being President, I wonder how many more years that Obama, and the Democrats will try and take credit for Trump’s actual doing’s/accomplishments? Especially when Obama was such a failure.


I already schooled a guy yesterday trying to give Trump credit for the economy trending the same way for the last 5 years. I’m not giving that guy credit for taking over the economy with the wind at his back no matter how much he wants to pat himself on the back, especially after trying to juice the economy even more with deficit spending.

While it’s true that the stock market jumped a good bit when Trump took office, pretty much every other economic indicator is just a continuation of the long trend of success started under the last administration.

Even though the economy is trending the same way as it did for the past 5 years, right now it’s performing that way because Republicans are in control and they are actively trying to make America great again. During Obama’s years the economy was improving in spite of the Demonrats attempt to sabotage the economy so they could implement their socialist agenda. Thank the God of Adam Smith that our economy is robust enough to survive difficult times.

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Actually for the past 3 decades the economy has trended positive when a Democrat has been in charge…after being wrecked by the preceding Republican in charge. Let’s hope that trend starts to change this time around. I have a feeling with the course we’re on that trend won’t change at all. Republicans are going to spend, spend, spend to enrich the military industrial complex and try to juice the economy with ridiculous tax cuts they can’t pay for while ignoring the debt and deficit like they always do and when a Democrat gets back in power suddenly they’ll suddenly care about debt again and start their hypocritical “We’re spending too much!!” whining like clockwork. As much as Trump liked to bash George W. Bush during his campaign his Presidency so far is mirroring GWB with the unpaid for tax cuts, military spending and tariffs lol.

Show your work.

No matter how much Trump does for our Economy, he will get either no credit, or hardly any credit from the Dems at all. Or they will simply revert back to Obama, and give him the credit.

I give Trump credit for not running the economy off the road but I am worried that may not last.

I also give him credit for shaking things up on trade, but again, l hope he knows enough to stop while we’re ahead.

Get used to it. Meanwhile the same people cheering Obama for the roaring economy in this thread are calling out Trump in another thread noting the DOW went down 800+ points this week. Figure that one out.

As of yesterday, annualized return on the S&P 500 was greater under Obama than currently under Trump.

Number of jobs created under Trump? Fewer than previous time period under Obama.

Median weekly earnings increased under Trump? Less than same period under Obama.

Annualized S&P500 returns under Trump? Lower than under Obama.

Tell us about these economic accomplishments of Trump.

Because Obama wasnt having 800 point drops when he left. You see for the most part the trend is the same. The only difference is that Trump is slowly ■■■■■■■ it up with his tax cuts. It’s like inheriting a bunch of money, claiming you earned it, then randomy blowing a bunch on coke once every 3 months. When Trump finally dies break the trend it will be downward. Do you know what a “trend” is?