Obama lands first oscar nomination

Im sure this will go over well with the orange maniac


There’s an Oscar for distributors?

or is it just for a movie that he liked and helped distribute?
What exact oscar is Obama in the running for, the article doesn’t say other than:

America’s 44th president landed his first-ever Oscar nomination for American Factory , an original documentary distributed by Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions in partnership with Netflix.

Doesn’t say he or Michelle play any role in writing, or acting in the movie.

Oh wait

Fake thread title

The nomination goes to the film’s producers Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert and Jeff Reichert

So in fact Bamma and Michelle have NOT been nominatated for an Oscar :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


He’s not the only one triggered

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Perhaps a cameo in the Spygate movie where he lies to the fisa court to illegally spy on Americans.

Well to deny him an Oscar could only be racist, so I guess we know who won this one.

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Good catch. :+1::grin:

It’s quite a good documentary.

People should see it.

Who else is triggered?

You suggesting me because I looked up the facts?

Obama’s are NOT nominated. He can’t get an oscar out of this.