Obama administration prevented FBI from arresting ‘known terrorists’ and others linked to Iran during nuclear deal negotiations, GOP senators say

You know how leftists just love to negotiate with terrorists when they aren’t rooting for them against American Soldiers. Their leadership reflects them well. :man_shrugging:



You know that some will dismiss the report because of the reporting source.

And there’s validity to that.

Reports of stories on this-side-of-the-fence issues come from “these-sources”, and that-side-of-the-fence issues come from “those-sources”, and thereby both become dismissable.

We have reports of weaponization of government agencies, and this one is a disarming of some of those same agencies.

We can’t trust the government. We can’t trust the media.

This society is a dumpster fire.

Wonder what security documents John Kerry stashed away for his posession dealing with Iran.

For some stupid reasons, Kerry and Obama want Iran to have nukes.


Those tropical islands aren’t just gonna rent themselves. :man_shrugging:

“Known terrorists” roughly translates as “people the US government considers to be enemies”.

If sponsoring attacks in violation of US and international law were the criteria, the FBI should have been investigating a large part of the Obama administration along with many US allies.

They both hate America imo.


The American left despises Israel and never runs out of excuses for Islam. The major push for this began under Obama, when he decided that Iran needed to be the centerpiece of Mideast policy.

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Thank you for Putin’s take on it. You are dismissed

They love America, the one in their imaginations, just not this one.

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They want a Venezuela style dictatorship.

According to the White House, killing large numbers of civilians with bombs from the air is not a big deal when the US or its allies do it. Mistakes happen.

If the bomb is carried rather than dropped from the air, that makes the attack terrorism even when there is an obvious military target.

so what?