NY Times: . . . Climate change & online shopping to blame for whale beachings. (I am NOT making this up)

“All the News That’s Fit to Print” right?

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Yes modern journalism is largely ■■■■■■■■

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You’ll see this happening over and over and over…here in Hannity Land and out where ever you are in real life. Something happens and it’s a problem; your individual choice is to point your weak fingers at others or use a strong mind to examine the man/woman in the mirror’s past actions so you can correct any wrong doings, modify your actions and take a new course that should help eliminate this going forward. NY Times and NYC are examples of finger pointers and they’re going down very quicly.

agree it’s all pretty much a joke

seem like nothing but millennial wokey nitwits with delusions of grandeur


They are obviously fools. You just can’t make this nonsense up. :roll_eyes:


Apparently someone can. LOL


ever since AlGore industries re-invigorated the climate change political movement, it’s a steady drumbeat linked to every ill in life. that’s why so many worship in its church - the “media”

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Climate Change for the Left has literally become the axiomatic explanation for any negative thing going on in the world.


Gang Green is a cult with high religiosity.



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I know!!

No way can a fork truck navigate beach sand.


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What is the reason for the following:

  • crime
  • poverty
  • low test scores
  • mass migration
  • what happened in Palestine, OH
  • Putin invading the Ukraine
  • world hunger
  • all traffic accidents
  • cancer
  • most viruses (COVID is clearly an exception as that was ALL Trumps fault)
  • etc.

The answer is…CLIMATE CHANGE!!!


Why would you think that?

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Didn’t read the article. Increase in shipping containers near their migratory routes?

That is because Americans have heard their argument for climate change,
and Americans have heard their agenda
and we still don’t want their agenda.

The eco-left has to lie
because when the voters know the truth
voters reject the eco-left every time.

next thing you know, thousands of drowned polar bears will wash ashore…

Only unvaxxed whales have washed ashore.
None of them, not a single one, was vaccinated,

That CAN’T be a coincidence.