NY proposes new POST-birth abortion law. [SATIRE!]

New York state now allows a mother to choose an abortion all the way to the moment of birth for “the mental health” of the mother. So for example if she finds labor too taxing mentally she can choose to have an abortion. And during discussion of a similar law in Virginia, the Virginia governor proposed that if the baby was inadvertently born live, the mother would still have the option of aborting the child post birth.

After due consideration New York has decided to extend the law still further. Many women suffer from post partum depression. This can occur up to a month after birth. Knowing this, New York state has decided to allow post-birth abortions now up to a full month after birth, for the sake of the mothers mental health of course.


{Needless to say, this is satire. But not so far off what NY has already legalized.}

South Park did it!

Only a month? Should go well up into the teens. :wink:

Why not? It makes as much sense as the law that was passed.