NY Post: Whitehouse quietly resumes "night flights" shipping illegals from border to NJ ghetto towns

Article states in part

" One bus traveled to the Walt Whitman Service Area in Cherry Hill, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. After the bus pulled up at around 12:45 a.m. Friday, several teens disembarked, retrieved their bags from the luggage compartment and left with adults who were waiting there to meet them."
"The bus left the rest stop around 1:05 a.m. and continued south on the New Jersey Turnpike.

I mention that because the bus continued the plaza has mailing address in Cherry Hill, but the area is home to a LOT of very low-end towns. I guess it’s okay to send illegal imigrants there, just not to places like Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons or Rehobeth Beach.

No word yet if the town of Cherry Hill called out the National Guard and/or deported the people to camps (like Martha’s Vineyard did.)


At least they’re landing in the lib ■■■■ holes where they belong until we can get this mess sorted out. :wink:


What happens after they land? Asking for a narrative.

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Since when is Cherry Hill a ghetto?

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That’s like calling dix hills a ghetto. Eh @Gaius? :grin:

Doesn’t appear that it is


It’s not.

Not what I said

True. Cherry Hill is upscale, but right next to Camden (which should be leveled and converted to a national landfill, in my opinion.) The OP did say, “but the area is home to a LOT of very low-end towns.”


Very good.

Reading is fundamental.

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Camden isn’t the nicest place.

Seems to me the point here isn’t Cherry Hill, but that the Biden Administration is doing precisely what DeSantis did. But no humanitarian crisis declared on this one, which highlights the duplicity of lib outrage.


I read the title of the thread. Maybe you should go take a look.

What happens to them after they land as compared to when they land after a governor ships them off?

Is that really what you want to discuss, whether the highway rest stop with a Cherry Hill amiling address is a drop off point for Camden?

Or the fact that Joe Biden has resumed his night flights . . . just not to places like Marhta’s Vineyard?

Looks to me like you are deflecting.


Can we assume that Biden flights were done with coordination? Like the receiver was aware they were coming and able to pre prepare?

Did Biden do it to “own” conservatives? Falsify brochures?

Was it done using state tax money for another states immigrants?

Bottomline, it’s not the same.

You can assume whatever you want. You’re going to anyway.

And your array of questions are just more deflection from the embarrassment of a president you must defend, and the forked-tongue lib rhetoric you embrace.

Now go pester someone else.


Glad we agree. It’s not the same.

One is doing it for humanitarian reasons… the other is doing it for a political stunt.

Not the same,
Not the same as the 2 million who arrived without coordination over the southern border every year?

True. what happened in Matha’s Vineyard was a very very small scale version of what happens on border towns.

It is not the same as what happened when the Biden administration secretly used federal fund to aid illegal immigrants heading to South Jersey. THAT was done with coordination, unlike El Paso, Yuma and Martha’s Vineyard.

Why not? What makes it not nice?

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