NUNES ON HANNITY: I 'Do Not Understand' Why DOJ Refuses to Release FISA Docs

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Rep. Devin Nunes stopped by ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night to weigh-in on the DOJ’s unwillingness to declassify documents flagged by President Trump; saying it’s “unacceptable” to defy the Commander-in-Chief’s demands.

“It’s quite clear Sean, this is not complicated. We have seen most of this information. In terms of FISA, it’s only twenty pages. All you have to do is make a copy and put it out on the internet,” said Nunes.

“At this point I do not understand why this hasn’t been declassified. The President said, ‘Declassify immediately without redactions.’ We’ve heard this same story over and over again,” he added.

Watch Rep. Nunes on ‘Hannity’ above.