Nuclear Suadi Arabia

Within the next few month Saudi will have operating Nuclear reactor, KSA are not a party to any agreement on the use of nuclear power and the proflication of nuclear weapons.

Saudi Arabia is on the verge of becoming a nuclear nation, without ever having to pledge that it won’t build the bomb.

New Google Earth images, flagged by Bloomberg news, show that work on the Kingdom’s first reactor will be complete within a matter of months.

The building, located in the King Abdulaziz city for science and technology outside of Riyadh, appears to be a small 30-kilowatt facility, more suitable for research and training than electricity generation.

But it is raising global concern because Saudi Arabia hasn’t officially disclosed the project, or agreed to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rules that would permit independent inspections and ensure that enriched uranium and plutonium isn’t diverted to a weapons program.

Wonder what Iran’s response will be

If only there was a deal in place that kept Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons.

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If only there was a deal in place that kept Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Yeah…yeah…they’d surely honor it.

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They were. And still are.

Now they have zero reason to.

Yeah…I know. That’s why they wouldn’t allow inspections as a part of the agreement.

That is a weird response coming from someone who complimented Trump on his efforts in North Korea despite the lack of any actual progress.


I compliment the efforts but at some time down the road, there must be results. That’s why Trump left him standing.

This is completely false and shows a complete ignorance of the deal.

And how long dow the road will you give Trump? Another 4 years?

Interestinf how Tump supporters applaud Trumps effort with NK yet also supported Hannitys stance that under no circumstances should Obama deal with NK without some form of preconditions agreed.

Both Hannity and the Trump cultists have gone quiet about that.

Yeah…I know.

I don’t understand why you would complain about anyone getting nuclear weapons. Isn’t the gun nutter philosophy that everyone is safer the more everyone is armed.

As an avid hunter, what many consider an excellent shot and an individual who owns many guns, I decided years ago that even though I have a conceal carry, the probability of me being harmed by not having a gun…was less than an innocent person being hurt because of my irresponsibility carrying one. :sunglasses:

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You should really have read that link. Those military sites cited in the title are outside of the original agreement, and Iran sees it as an insult, as a sovereign country, to insist on inspectors being let into those military sites.

As usual, your article has in depth look at the issue, and posting the title does not prove your point and only proves, once again, that you just Google for titles without reading the link yourself.

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Oh but i was a nutjob for posting the marshall plan…whatever…you guys made your bed with trump…

Not really an answer.

Numerous times here when there’s a shooting incident the gun nutter response is if more people were armed someone would have stopped it. Why don’t you guys stay consistent and take the same position on nukes for other countries.

Its literally like you dont have a clue as to what the agreement was about…

US has ways of knowing whether activity is going on even in places they’re not allowed to inspect, BTW.

Exactly and so there was no way to verify that they were honoring the agreement. Now…do you think not being able to enter those sites was intentional or by accident? If intentional, what was the intent?

If…an incident did take place, how I hope I have a gun and if you’re there, you’ll hope it too.