NRA head 'bristled' at group's 2016 endorsement of Trump: report

The fake liberal news is trying to drive a wedge between our great President and his supporters. The NRA totally backs Mr Trump and his presidency. Just another slanderous fake news article

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I bet rhe NRA is really happy they took all that Russian money.


If you read the article, this story is actually coming from Ackermann-McQueen, the.advertiing/PR firm, that has has a huge (multi-lawsuit) falling out with NRA HQ and Wayne LaPierre.

This is actually a spat between two conservative groups – and whether Ackerman-McQueen’s attacks on LaPierre are credible? Who knows? Liberals hardly have the power or position to have created this one.

There are a lot of money issues in the Ack/Mac / NRA tussle, all of which seemed to come into the open when Russia spy Buttina was arrested and the Russia → NRA money spigot appeared to be cut off.

Russian interference again! Let the denials commence…

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someone had to pay to fly in that hairdresser and makeup artist why not Russia?

With Buttina and her backers on the scene, NRA doubled its political contributions (to $60M) without a meaningful increase in dues and membership. Once Buttina was isolated, the NRA found itself in deep financial trouble. As a prosecutor once mentioned to me, she loved circumstantial evidence because it is hard to refute.

You know what? I think the Chinese ought to investigate the NRA.

Bull ■■■■■

I do too.

I am sure certain NRA water carriers will be here soon giving us all the benefit of their opinion any time now

I would have bristled at an early endorsement of Trump by any organization in which I was a member.

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Is Putin the head of the NRA? I thought I heard that somewhere.

Thank you for sharing the depth of your thinking.

Most welcome.