NRA files for bankruptcy

Mentioning that person being in charge of anything.


It needs to go away. Its gross. They have been grifting and milking for years.

Learn about the NRA before you make a broad decision about being “gross” and needing “to go away”.

What needs to go away is Wayne LaPierre. In the mid 1960’s I was a member of a high school shooting team coached by a USMC GS and VN Veteran who was a certified NRA Senior instructor. I carried those safety, respect and shooting lessons learned on to my own hunting and shooting life experience. My two oldest kids were awarded expert marksman badges during US Army BCT. The NRA has, in my opinion, a valuable place in the shooting sports especially education and vigilance of the 2A. Membership has dwindled and LaPierre’s incompetence and lining his pockets is why. With luck someone will challenge his leadership and get the NRA back to it’s intended function.

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I thought their HQ was in DC.

I think he’s originally from Salem, Va.

Born in Schenectady NY.

You’re right. His family moved down here when he was five.

Either place is fine. He has no business in Texas.

Hell, I don’t want him around here either!

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Let’s send him to New York. He’ll fit in good with Cuomo.