NRA files for bankruptcy

Seems, like other business, is has, or is, filing for bankruptcy as part of a restructuring plan

I won’t have anything to do with them as long as LaPierre is there.

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A lot of people say the same thing

They also announced they’re moving their headquarters from New York to Texas.

James said NRA officials diverted millions of dollars to fund luxury lifestyles, including vacations and private jets, and to buy the silence and loyalty of former employees, costing the group $64 million over three years.

Hilarious. Wayne and the NRA board looked at their supporters like a bunch of marks.

They should just restructure as a religion, start a 700 club sorta channel.

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The NRA is not about gun owners or the 2nd amendment. It’s for gun manufacturers. It’s all about money.

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I don’t know, looks like it might have been most about buying Wayne a 1%er lifestyle, and bribing the board members not to squeal.

Yachts, mansions, vacations, the finest suits on earth while shaking down their own vendors for kickbacks on top of robbing their members. For all we know Wayne and the board have the manufacturers blackmailed too.

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The Gangster Capitalism podcast (Season 2) was really good on the NRA leadership situation.

Season 1 was all about the college admissions scandal (really good as well)

It’s a shame how he’s run it into the ground.


There needs to be legal consequences for that. Or are righties afraid to take on nra.

Aye less, to no, chance of ever being investigated by indicted
Texas attorney general Ken Paxton

LaPierre can stay in New York. He was born there.

Or turn it green and milk the P-anon coffers dry.

I canceled back when they gave Harry Reid an B+ rating in exchange for some Nevada range land.

Rotten sell outs.

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I let my membership lapse - I don’t really want my money going to buy Wayne’s next toy. He’s basically turned it into his ATM machine.

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Didn’t I hear that Don Jr. might take over? Definitely time for new leadership.

Stop dude.

That’s not accurate? Either way, they obviously need new leadership.

No, it’s cruel.

What do you mean?