NRA bankruptcy tossed out of court

the NRA tried to get around new yorks lawsuit accusing them of fraud and self deealing by filing for bankruptcy.

a federal court judge threw out the bankruptcy petition saying “The Court finds, based on the totality of the circumstances, that the NRA’s bankruptcy petition was not filed in good faith but instead was filed as an effort to gain an unfair litigation advantage in the NYAG Enforcement Action and as an effort to avoid a regulatory scheme,”

hopefully this leads to the NRA being disbanded

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Good. The only restructuring they need to do is get rid of LaPierre and his cronies. Complete housekeeping.


Now the question arises…which is more corrupt…the NY legal system or LaPierre?


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I must always appreciate a positive mental attitude. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

LaPierre is garbage.

Why? Is somebody trying to force you to join?

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Thoughts and prayers…

(Borrowed that from Twitter, too good not to…lol)


It’s the globalist MO. If a few people in a globalist-unfriendly group can be painted or proven crooked, the whole globalist-unfriendly group should be cancelled. But if a globalist-friendly group has crooks exposed, you can’t judge the entire group by the deeds of a few, and the group should be allowed to roll on.


The NRA rolled the dice and lost. They tried to keep a bunch of money gaping ■■■■■■■■ above the law.
It didn’t work.

For “the NRA” read “certain members of the NRA” and you would be more accurate.

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When do you think was the last time LaPierre shot a gun was?

Back in 2013 he shot an elephant.

What kind of ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ shoots an elephant?

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Let’s stay on topic please.

LaPierre is a thief.

The NRA was once a fine organization. I held a membership there once upon a time. With the rise of LaPierre and some of the shenanigans surrounding that, I let my membership lapse. I just can’t support the organization any longer with what it has become.

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Do you always renounce whole organisations that have some bad apples in them.

LaPierre and his cronies broke the faith and the organization has lost it’s way.

He drifted it into failure.