NPR cracks the case Chinese Wuhan Virus orig

Thank you for putting it together

It was foxes or raccoon dogs I guess. If I believe it.


Oh, well if the government propaganda channel says so…



Yep I wish we would defund NPR.


Ok now CNN is running the Chinese cover.

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Will you believe it if it passes peer review? Or is this one of those things where no matter what the studies might say, they’re wrong unless they point towards lab origin?


Scientists who weren’t involved in the research papers are calling the new data “very convincing” and a “blow” to the lab-leak theory — that the virus somehow escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which does research on coronaviruses. In reaction to the papers, they say the newly published data is tipping the scales toward wildlife sold at the market.

"The studies don’t exclude other hypotheses entirely," says virologist Jeremy Kamil, who’s at Louisiana State University Health Shreveport and was not involved in this research. “But they absolutely are pushing it toward an animal origin.”

So a few photos of wild potential vectors and some latent samples are supposed to convince the world that the WUHAN INSTITUTE OF VIROLOGY is not the source?

I am not convinced. I also do not think China will ever disclose enough data to get an answer on the lab leak question.

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Search engines really pushing market finding as a final fact.

Wet market is still open and festering.

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Who are the peers and how much money did they get?

I don’t know… who and how much?

You brought up the peer review baloney. Tell me Mr Turtle

It hasn’t been peer reviewed yet. Why would I have this information?

You the one who brought it up.

Why would that mean I know who’s going to peer review it?

Knock it off Mr. turtle. You opened the conversation

They aren’t my peers. Those Peers get their orders from Master Beelzebub

Well said. +10

There’s nothing to knock off. Explain to me why you think I should know who’s going to peer review it? Sometimes the authors of the paper don’t even know who’s going to peer review it. Maybe it will fail peer review. Maybe it won’t get peer reviewed and this is all moot. Frankly the media is putting the cart before the horse on this one.

All I said was: “Will you believe it if it passes peer review?”