Now that the libs have suddenly become deficit hawks: A question

You acknowledge that neither party will cut spending yet refuse to have taxes raised to cover current spending yet want to pretend tou want to have a rational discussion about the deficit…

Maybe Trump should stop spending money on his frequent golf junkets.

Why should current spending be paid for by debt and not taxes?

There will never be a serious demand for spending reduction unless the current population has to bear the full cost of current spending…

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Chinese made batteries explains that.

We aren’t deficit hawks. We’re pointing out how full of hot air conservatives are on this issue.

Obama ran up more debt than every other President combined.

No. You missed the point. I have totally given up on either party bringing down the debt. I have never said anything counter to that. My question was: Now that the democrats are all jacked up about the debt, should we stop giving 135 billion dollars to foreign nationals who have invaded us?

They paid 23.6 billion into social security, a benefit they don’t receive.

What has the GOP done to cut any spending? They usually raise the deficit. Hiw much money do illegals contribute toward the economy?

I have slightly altered your question. You almost nailed it.

What has the GOP or the DNC done to cut any spending? They usually raise the deficit. How much money do illegals contribute toward the economy?

After inheriting a $1.3trillion deficit and 800,000 jobs being lost a month. What did you expect exactly? Plus the “every other president combined” notion is pretty meaningless. How much was a loaf of bread in 1890?

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And that’s not the only revenues they generated.

So did Reagan.

And Bush.

Trump will too by the time he’s done.

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Republican haven’t cared about the deficit since Reagan and the holy text of supply side economics.

They haven’t cared about the deficit since Eisenhower.

Bush Sr cared lost reelection because of it.

The inarguable truth. Any effort to paint one side as higher minded is either willful ignorance or self-delusion. Both sides the same, literally and wholly. Partisanship is the problem.

You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.

  • Dick Cheney

Simple. Raise taxes, cut spending. Don’t want to cut spending? Raise taxes more.

Except Clinton reduced the deficit and depending on how you want to calculate it, ran a small surplus or small deficit.

And Obama reduced the deficit every year after the credit crisis had abated.

So not quite true.