Now Democrats Want to Block Out the Sun!

What could possibly go wrong?

As geoengineering gets easier, I’m fully expecting conservatives to pick up preservation of the natural world with a religious fervor.

Why shouldn’t we study this? Others will. We should lead.


democratic umbrellas to fill the ozone holes?

In the 70s loons of this sort wanted to spread coal tar on the ice. They never chsnge.

Want to bet they finally get to try during the Tribulation?


Yeah…I mean, “the knowledge gained from chain of function research, far exceeds the probability it will escape from a lab”…amirite? :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:


The natural world is just fine with or without lib enviromentalists.


What kind of stupid ass retard thinks the Earth needs our help in cooling off? It can’t even stay warm WITH us! :rofl:



Who cares about “fine”?

Geoengineering goes beyond merely fixing things to be as they naturally were. This planet is ours to change as we see fit.

Do you think we’re gonna be sitting here in 2200 without purposely changing the planet to be more useful to humans?

Yes. Different countries around the world will fare better than others but IMO…the Great Lakes will make the difference for us.

I meant to ask if you think geoengineering won’t be the norm by 2200. There’s no reason to believe that societies will just be satisfied with the natural resources and climate they would naturally have.

The planet is useful to humans.

However l, humans tend to invent ■■■■ to ■■■■ things up like China Wuhan’s gain of function research partically funded by NIH thak helps kill people.

Bat ■■■■ bull ■■■■

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Meanwhile, we have the tech to make it rain anywhere, anytime (since the 1940’s for crying out loud), yet you still see liars and swine squealing about completely avoidable droughts.

Too many retards with too many LCD screens.


I actually agree with you on this one.

An utterly horrifying idea…as if we know enough about the entire system to make a large scale change like this.

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Libs and progressives and climate activist fanatics would like to spread misery equally amoung common folks around the world.


We can’t possibly know enough about a complex system such as the earth to begin geoengineering it.


You can do it reversibly with solar shades. If it sucks, then just move them.

You may be on to something JJ. Must have learned something by the Chinese Wuhan Virus gain of function reseach.

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Care to guess how much energy and resources need to be expended to produce enough of them to make a difference?

And that’s just the first problem…


Kind like the ev battery mining and manufacturing process.