NOT WOKE: Maxine Waters Event Draws Just TEN PEOPLE in California | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters was left scratching her head over the weekend after a ‘Tweet-a-Thon’ rally for the anti-Trump crusader was attended by just a handful of millennials and left-wing supporters.

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“poor blacks have been voting for demorats all these years and they are still poor blacks” Charles Barkley—her district is a slum and she lives in a mansion and has made millions off her economic slaves.

Poor whites have been voting Republican for years and they’re still poor whites. Not only that, they’re now hooked on heroin and meth. When they can’t get sex, they get daddy’s gun and shoot up schools. The country is controlled by whites so being white surely can’t be a factor in holding them down.

I know the area that she lives in… She’s up on the palisades…

Maxine obviously didn’t yell, “impeach 45” loud enough. Keep it up though and I’m sure she’ll get at least 10 votes in November?

Hey poorblackman, if you’re gonna talk smack then at least speak truth. It’s you liberal folks that are so messed up ya shootin up the schools…check google…you know google? It’s you lefties/dems/libs that do all the shootin while on your meds. Get edumacated before you open your mouth, ya look foolish.

The poorest states in the union are all Red states. It’s been that way for decades and this fact has no bias, it just is. Now silly boy, if you have been posting on the previous hannity forum you’d know I’m no liberal.

CA Named the"Worst State in America