North Korea First mistakes by Democrats

Original mistake with North Korea was with Harry Truman he pulled MacArthur when he wanted to over run North Korea when they were beaten back and use what ever weapons needed to save American solders lives. Also go into China to stop them.
The last time I looked Harry Truman had a (D) by his name.
It will take someone over 65 to have knowledge of this. He was afraid if MacArthur won war he would run for president and kick him out of the White House it happened anyway with Eisenhower and had to pacify the political situation after Truman’s political decision very typical of Democrats .

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That would have been difficult as MacArthur doesn’t have a grave. He’s buried in a sarcophagus in the MacArthur Memorial and there’s always guards where he and his wife’s sarcophaguses are located. The memorial is in my home town. Been there several times.

Its Norfolk, Va and I don’t live there anymore nor do I care what silly, immature little stunt you want to pull. Have a wonderful time.

Cav scout fobit? I wasn’t a cav scout but by definition they’re not fobits. But thanks for the potential insult all the same

So would you call Rangers fobits because of one experience?

Sometimes you have to salute and execute.

E8 retirement pay doesn’t suck.

Nor does O-5 retirement pay.

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Show off :smile: