North Korea agrees to denuclearize

They’ve been agreeing to meet for decades.

Are you denying what I said to be true? :laughing:

So far it is just another photo op and promises… just like it has was before, and why the last four election cycles were spent discussing the need for “pre-conditions” prior to any future meetings…

The only pre-condition for this meeting was dictators with bad hair.

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Not until there were actually results to show.

That’s the weird thing here. Obama was praised when he got results. You praise Trump for doing the very thing you went apoplectic over Obama TALKING about.

Trump agreed to suspend military exercises. Kim agreed to jack ■■■■■ Winning?

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“Wining” sounds just about right…

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Where is the written agreement with Kim agreeing to denuclearize?

These threads how how much many people talk past one another anymore.

There are people who are not even making even a passing attempt at pretending they’ve read the posts of those with whom they disagree…they simply keep spouting the same talking points over and over.

It’s as if they’re having conversations with the stereotypes of the people in their heads as opposed to actually engaging with the real people who are responding in the post.


Yes, because it’s obvious …

House Speaker Ryan stated that “only time will tell if North Korea is serious this time.”

It’s not the first time North Korea has agreed to this. I’d hold off on singing hosannas to Donald until we see some results.

That said, it’s certainly not a bad thing to hear talk of denuclearization.

While I hope this leads to a more stable, peaceful world, I’m not popping the champagne corks just yet.

It’s like they’re being paid to regurgitate what a master tells them.

I’ve been offered money to be a paid antagonist to right-wing radio shows. I politely declined. I can see some right-wingers here are happy to accept those rubles…I mean dollars, right comrades?

Why didn’t they have time? Why did Trump leave the summit 15 hours earlier than planned? Perhaps if he quit leaving work early, he’d have time. Clock in and do your damned job, Trump!


That is essentially politics in 2018


What a dolt.

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Captain obvious…

At least they didn’t get any money from Trump for nothing.