North Korea agrees to denuclearize


They agreed to this back in 2005…and they agreed to more during clinton…

So…dont act like this is fresh and never happened before so we must all bend over for trump


Bill Clinton says… Trump is cool. sort of…

““I think we should be rooting for [Trump] to succeed with the North Korea negotiations,” Clinton said in an interview with PBS NewsHour managing editor and anchor Judy Woodruff.”

Speaking of PBS. Hilarity is watching Judy Woodruff and Nancy Pelosi twitter on PBS election eve coverage expecting Hillary to win. They were giddy in fact. It’s on you tube…


Kim got on the world stage by having nukes.
Kim will only remain on the world stage with nukes.
Kim will rule for the rest of his life.
Trump will be gone in a few years.
Mark my words, we are going to relive 1995 all over again.
We already gave up something for nothing. What else is going to be given to them.
How long will it take until Trump realizes he got a con job?
Film at eleven.


I will believe it when I see it.


You are not going to get a reply.

The tingles up their legs have them quivering like never before.


I doubt it…




ill get something, but it will be more ■■■■■■■ as usual.


He won’t care. He’s already said he’ll make up an excuse why it’s not his fault if things go south


I’ll never understand why some of you guys keep engaging the 4 or 5 hardcore Trumpanzee trolls in here. Liberate yourselves lol.


Most of the time I do ignore them…I never really debate them…I know their worth…


I know. How embarrassing to hear the POTUS say flat out that he will lie if something does not go his way?
World leaders have to be shaking their heads and asking why they should even talk to this guy.
He continues to be such an embarrassment.


Because it is fun to listen to them buy his ■■■■ hook, line and sinker.


Yeah not really. A 4 point statement that was pretty vague. Meanwhile America agrees to stop all Joint Military exercises with our ally South Korea.


Dotard -0


Its become boring to me. Every post of theirs is some variation of “Trump is awesome” or “libz suck” with no effort to actually discuss the topic. I suppose we all derive our entertainment from different sources.


They got a commitment to end all joint military action with our ally South Korea. A huge win for Kim back home. World Stage. Hell its not like he needed it though. If you oppose him he just obliterates you anyways.


And China is jumping for joy because Trump said that he wants to bring our troops out of the area.
I have to think that Mad Dog did a face plant at that one.


I can’t figure out what the left thinks Kim got out of the summit that would imply he snookered Trump.
Trump has always said “we’ll see what happens.” And I bet it’s denuking and a more open NK.


Prestige. Attention. Halting US military exercises on with one of our closest allies.


So, talking doesn’t work and North Korea defies all assurance, agreement, & commitment.

Let’s talk and get some more vague assurance, agreement, & commitment.

Definitely Nobel material here.