North Carolina replaces statue of Charles Brantley Aycock with statue of Billy Graham in United States Capitol

May not have been my personal choice, but in any event, Billy Graham is still a great improvement on Charles Brantley Aycock. Aycock was the 50th Governor of North Carolina and a notorious segregationist and racist.

Graham’s statue was made of Rowan County granite, then bronzed.

It will be unveiled this week.

Now how about replacing Zebulon Vance’s statue with a statue of Hiram Revels.

Baby steps.


Remember when dimocrats flocked every few years to the vance-aycock dinner??

It wasn’t that long ago.

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It wasn’t that long ago, just last week in fact, that the Republican Shenandoah County School Board reinstated Confederate names at some schools.

I for one will just be glad that Republicans AND Democrats in North Carolina joined hands to accomplish this change.

This isn’t about partisan advantage.

It is about doing the right thing.

:+1: Reverend Graham was in the national spotlight where his every move was being watched and I have NEVER heard anything but positive things…which is unusual when you’re that well known of a minister.


Clearly you underrate NPR. From an article by NPR upon Graham’s death:

"To some, he was “America’s Pastor,” a benign pater familias blessing the nation.

To others, he was the country’s leading hypocrite, in one moment preaching a gospel of love and, in another, advising presidents to escalate the war in Vietnam.

He was never a radical in the usual sense of the term. In the struggle for civil rights, he had episodes of courage, such as integrating his revival meetings in 1953 or bailing fellow cleric Martin Luther King out of jail in Albany, Ga., in 1957.
But in the movement’s crunch time, in the 1960s, Graham was missing in action."

Brought to you, in part, by your taxes.


I had the opportunity to work for Billy Graham’s organization for a couple of summers during college. My respect for him and his ministry only grew during those months.

Kudos to NC for honoring him in this fashion.


Perfect example of why NPR needs to be defunded.

Their hatred of such a Christian as Billy Graham comes through loud and clear unfortunately.

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Seemed to be one of the most genuine people who expressed the Christian faith.