North Carolina ballot fraud probe: GOP operative faces new felony charges

A Republican political operative in North Carolina accused of ballot tampering in a 2018 congressional election was hit with new felony charges on Tuesday.

Why it matters: Leslie McCrae Dowless was already facing obstruction and conspiracy charges relating to an investigation into North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District 2018 election. That probe found a “coordinated, unlawful and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme” in 2 counties.

Oh he maybe going away for a while. I know some have went full bore crazy about election fraud and here it is plain as day and those people are silent

This is not an isolated incident. This is just the tip of the GOP iceberg of ballot fraud, election fraud, vote tampering, and rigging elections.


But, but, 3 million illegal invaders voted in 2016!!

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These are the people who need to be watched. The ones who are doing it while screeching accusations everywhere else. They always give themselves away with that nonsense.


I don’t care which side of the aisle participates in voter fraud…it is my hope they get hung from the highest tree. This is a crime against ALL of us and we should be united in our mutual condemnation.

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Nobody needs to be hung.

Well then…lemme brag…:sunglasses:


There are no both sides here. It’s GOP election fraud.


Surprise Surprise!

There’s always two sides my dear. It’s this one’s turn to be exposed but don’t be naïve. The other one exists too…promise.

So let’s see proof.

Kris kobach is on he case!

Honestly though. Whenever you hear about election tampering it is most of the time connected to the GOP

To be fair, it was only one million but they each voted three times simply by changing their hat or shirt.


Between NC gerrymandering and NC election fraud, why is anyone trusting North Carolina?

Did they kneel during the anthem though

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It does make one wonder what NC turned over to that Trump (failed) election fraud commission thing.

Honestly, I’m starting to think the reason that whole commission was shut down so rapidly was because they kept finding Republican election fraud and vote tampering.


k…kevhead…keep your eyes open…be honest…and let’s talk again.

You made the accusation.

You provide the evidence.

Otherwise you were using a tried-and-true rhetorical method a pretending you’re holding somebody accountable that you’re actually not holding accountable.