None Dare Call It Treason

"Our nation suffers internal strife and angst caused by globalist radical Democrats funded by the likes of George Soros, and supported by leftists of the news media and academia.

The caravan is representative of the many external insidious forces encouraged those same persons causing internal strife."

Democrats fund legal training for illegals on how to game our immigration laws using their children as props.

Democrats teach them how to game our social safety net defrauding Welfare and public housing assistance on a massive scale.

Democrat run schools teach illegal children to hate America, “shadow banning” any history that reports America in a fair light.

Immigrant children grow up hating America as a racist bigoted nation and they love socialism.

Even the American flag has been suppressed by Democrat infected courts.

Democrats strive to abolish ICE and other law enforcement protecting us from criminal and terroist activity.

The net result of Democrat party programs is the creation of a “fifth column” population of haters that despise everything America stands for and its citizens.

Democrats urge deranged mobs surround and harass American citizens spotted in public, advocating their children be kidnapped by child molesters. And when forced to apologize for such horror their popularity on Democrat Media surges.

The Democrat Party is creating civil unrest that will terrorize Americans for generations to come.

Not dare call that seditious activity Treason. But it is.


Democrat Party is thus exposed. Feeble attempts to change the subject to me only confirm how hard hitting this piece was.

Not one of you can offer any reasoned defense of Democrat activity, its clearly subversive. Treasonous.


I need to have this dude’s job.

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Not to mention strait treason from with in the DOJ.

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Wow, it’s almost as if treason wasn’t (the only federal crime) specifically defined in the Constitution. You should check it out sometime.

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I just did, and stand by my post.

Illegal immigration has been in steady decline since 2000. This is al bull â– â– â– â– .

The punishment for Treason is death.
so we are going to start hanging politicians?

That is what the law calls for.

I’d take the job, but it’s been tough today preparing for the second civil war.

Just checking if any defense of the Democrat Party was proposed by its defenders here.

So far, zero zilch nada. THE DNC’s actions are indefensible.

You don’t think the trumpanzees haven’t called for that?

Didn’t Alex Jones state that we were starting a civil war today? And me not sure what to wear for it…

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Still waiting for that “defense” of the Democrat Party’s actions, how they are not subversive and treasonous.

That’s not how it works in this country. We don’t have to prove we are not subversive and treasonous…you have to prove that we are. Have at it.

What is the punishment for Treason?

Its Treason, but its a conspiracy of many. Treason like, whether it could actually be prosecuted criminally is unlikely. Civil lawsuit however, bankrupting the money behind the scam, that’s perhaps doable.

Democrat Party is, not folks posting here. Democrats was a generic term, meaning all those of the Democrat party involved in the treason.

The OP made the case, its a compelling argument. The evidence massive, and incontrovertible.

The argument I made is like a skeleton waiting for someone to cloth it with tissue and muscle. Each point can be easily supported by reams of primary documentation, whistle blower accounts, actual legal cases. The list is endless.

But the skeleton I laid out, is so parsimonous, its elegant. As close to Axiomatic as such things can be.