Non partisan hackery

This liberal thinks Ocasio-Cortez is waaaaaay too far left and a complete idiot for barring the press from a public meeting. I’m sorry she is a Democratic candidate. I don’t like the fringes of either party.

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What is non partisan Hockey?

That’s when both teams wear the same uniforms.


Ok…I’ll take that as an answer!

She had justifiable reasons to bar reporters from two of her listening stop tour venues.

I certainly can’t fault her for her actions.

Doing that barring certainly has kept her name in the major news cycles.

Every time I turn around she is reminding me of Donny Trump with the things she does.

She is not my candidate, so I don’t care how fringe she is, that is up to her constituents.

It isn’t as much fun as partisan hockey, I can tell you that much.

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Then vote, your district, for the candidate that you want to represent you. And let residents from other districts do the same.

Okie Dokie.

I disagree with just about any reason a politician keeps out the press at a public gathering. She needs to learn to live with a free press or not run. The people going to her gathering should be aware fo this as well.

I understand her reason for doing it but I don’t like when politician have closed campaign events.

If she doesn’t want the press there, so be it. It’s a decision that will cost her the election though. Then again, if she did allow them in…she’d lose the election.

She only did it for two events, for justifiable reasons, not for Trumpian reasons.

She could go to Times Square and shoot someone, and she wouldn’t lose the election.

I hope you’re right.

Really? So as a member of congress she can’t have any impact on your life, just her local constituents?

As a single member of Congress some day her influence might mean something to me in the long term. I am not worried that any influence she might ever wield will have any negative impact on my life. Quite the contrary actually, I think she will become aware of the fact that the office will shape and temper her positions. I pray she keeps her fiery independence and never becomes a Democrat party leader goose stepper the way so many Republicans have become with Trump.

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I think the reasons she gave are BS. I will hold candidates from the Democratic Party to same standards I hold for Republicans.

It’s the demographics of your party, get used to it… The legacy of real evil of your side…

This is kind of continuation of the 2016 democrat primaries. Quiet a few in the media and elsewhere spoke after the election on how the democrats will have a coming internal war on the direction of the party.

The republicans have been going through the transformation to try and see what type party of party it morphs into after Trump will be interesting, whether it stays the same or changes.

The opinion of a person who thinks the likes of Trump is a good idea is meaningless to me.