Noem rejects legalization

Never even heard of a single movie on that list.

It’s a shame she’s disrespecting the will of SD voters. I wonder, though, if the supervisory highway patrol officer is arresting a lot of drivers under the influence of marijuana & sued on her behalf for that reason.

It’s a shame. There are worse behaviors in life than smoking or ingesting a little weed.


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They passed a single amendment that made multiple amendments. That in itself appears to be against the state’s constitution.

They need to pass a single ballot each for the hemp and the recreational.

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Noem opposes legalization, regardless of method.

Whoopty-do. lol

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How are kids “getting a message” when dispensaries require a minimum age of 21 to enter?

The average age of customers in the dispensaries in my state of residence is 40 & anything over.

By the time kids get to the age many start expressing interest in marijuana, they’re looking away from parents as role models.

Kids see and evaluate everything. They see what adults say and what they actually do.

I prefer adults set the artificial mood enhancer bar higher. Every kid knows where it is.

I am fine with being the minority opinion. My soul knows this is best.

Which is why ai refrained the entire time I had kids in the house.

Good, because it just became a giant corporate thing where you need tons of money and lawyers to enter market as a retail seller in Cal instead of the nice cottage industry it was while underground… This is much better for the working poor.

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