Noem rejects legalization

South Dakota Governor and conservative darling is busy fighting the will of the people and battling against marijuana legalization. Interested to get your take on it.

That got Prop 8’ed.

Congrats to South Dakota on at least getting medical passed. Baby steps indeed.


Though the Republican governor opposed marijuana legalization as a social ill, her administration’s arguments in court centered on technical violations to the state constitution.

The court sided with those arguments, ruling that the measure would have violated the state’s requirement that constitutional amendments deal with just one subject and would have created broad changes to state government.

They did it wrong.

She needs to get with the program.


I don’t vacation in states where it’s not legal. The same way I wouldn’t vacation in a state where beer or steak is illegal, because I am going to break the law.

I fixed your thread title.

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Come visit Maine!

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It’s on my list for next summer, never been, there better be cheap lobster!


Whitest state in the union.

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not very diverse

how can you stand it?

how intetesting

Last time I was in Maine, there was literal piles of cooked seafood on the dock. All you could eat for 15 bucks.

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Picked blueberries and ate ‘em while hiking along trails up there. Had lobster about every other night… Bar Harbor and Acadia. Just beware the ocean at sand beach is just a tad above freezing - or at least feels that way.

Or WA. Best summers anywhere, mountains, ocean, fresh salmon/crab, plethora of outdoor activities and of course, weed.

I’ll be there, getting ready to do the typical retired memorize the United States thing for a hobby. By the time I finish the legal states it will be legal everywhere else. I am super tail end of the Boomers, never much aligned with them.

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good lord

that makes me weak

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Lots of cryptids too. Cryptids creeping around in those forests and mountains. Don’t people go missing near the hateful Mount Rainier? Cryptids!

I am fine with medical and decriminalized pot.

Not fine with recreational.

Unimpressed with the results thus far. People are meaner…not mellow.

The focus is all wrong. Need to erase conflict with federal law then let states set rules.

If you legalize pot, my guess is…image
will go extinct. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:



Are you also a Prohibitionist?

People are gonna do weed.

It makes you feel good.

Humans want to feel good.

Why does recreational weed bother you?

I don’t do weed but I also don’t drink.

Others like the stuff.

Why would I tell other people what to do if it’s not bothering anyone?


I voted a firm yes when the ballot question came up here is jersey.

It was a no brainer to me.


There is more legal pot available than ever before.

There are also more overdoses and general meanness than ever before.

I say there is a connection.

I am not strident or righteous about it. I am concerned about other drivers on the roadways.

None of the supposed benefits of legalization have been observed.

I do understand those with chronic pain and am fine with that type of use.

Overall pot doesn’t make the US a better place.