NO WAY BACK: ‘ISIS Wife’ Begs to Return to US, Trump Says NO WAY ‘Back into the Country’ | Sean Hannity

The Alabama-born wife of an ISIS fighter begged to return to the United States from Syria this week; offering to “pay whatever debts she has to society” should the Trump administration allow her into the country.

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I understand the overwhelming desire to get out of Alabama, but why go to hell ?

As far as I know, going to another country to fight against the U.S. is a criminal offense,say treason, and providing aid and comfort to the enemy is the same as taking up arms. Tokyo Rose didn’t get to come back to the U.S. with no consequenses, neither should this woman or any other like her.

This was a bad decision she made as a ADULT and should be held FULLY responsible never able to return. By chance should Government let her return immediately hang her for Treason and Telavise.