No, This Is NOT How to Get Tough On Crime


I just saw this on TV, and I just can’t believe this.

A woman was arraigned in a Syracuse Court Room (via closed circuit TV from her jail cell) with no clothes on.

That is not getting tough on crime, that’s straight up ‘Cruel and Inhuman Punishment’. I believe that is illegal under the US constitution.

I’m so spitting mad after seeing that. Her record needs to be wiped clean of this, and her bank account needs fattened by A LOT.

And anyone connected to this on the government end needs to resign.

This has nexus to a number of subject’s I have brought up recently.

Here is institution of Sheriff as it exists in the United States.

But it also involves the absolute cluster ■■■■ that passes as a court system in New York.

Both the Office of Sheriff and the New York State Judiciary need to be blown up and rebuilt from scratch.

Not surprising something like this happens in New York. The whole system is just awful.

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I’m going to be honest. I thought I saw the worst in Louisville, KY until I heard about this.

This is what happened in Louisville.

I was so moved by this judge, I tried contributing to her reelection campaign (I found out she was running unopposed, go figure).

Now, I’m not so sure which is worse.