NO THANKS: Bill and Hillary Resort to GROUPON, Deep Discounts to Fill Stadiums | Sean Hannity

Bill and Hillary Clinton continued their struggle to fill half-empty stadiums across the country this week; using Groupon and other discount services to bring people to their “An Evening with the Clintons” speaking tour.

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They would have to pay me and supply transportation for me to even think about going to see them.

They need to just cancel what ever is left and go away.

You couldn’t pay me to go. Can’t stand them.

This makes me think of that commercial where the guy throws his wallet in the river. $300 to see Michelle Obama? Talk about a total waste of money, yet I imagine there are those out there that would pay it. That also makes me think " a fool and their money is soon parted".

I’ve been to a couple of book signings for celebrated authors and didn’t have to spend a dime outside of buying the book.