No platform for the GOP in 2020

It’s analogous to a burglar breaking in your house and blaming you by saying “if your neighbor lived here, you could have prevented this.”


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I listened again. IMO it could have been either. Trump had just referred to spygate. In any case, Trump’s response was not humorous, if you look at the video.

What you have is Democrat governors and mayors who will not stop riots and looting by Democrat constituents. They even get furious at the thought of the Federal government doing anything to stop the rioting. And then they are blaming Trump for not stopping what they are causing to happen.

But we already have been told by Biden that if he is for Trump…

Good gosh.

I’m more certain that he smirked and giggled when he pointed at the person, less certain that I hear anything except “spygate.”

I’ll cross reference with different sources.

It is clear that people are reading his reaction completely differently. He did not appreciate that person, whatever he said.
There was no wink.

Socialism is an economic system whereby the means of production are owned by the government. And while it has been used under circumstances (i.e. - when the government bought shares of GM as part of the bailout), that’s not the way the overall economy works here. I can see someone such as Bernie Sanders pushing for such a system, but he didn’t do well in either presidential race at all. And he is one of the more extreme members of Congress. Outside of a very very small minority, I don’t hear anyone calling for the government to completely own the means of production.

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Not seeing a wink myself. He does smirk and let out a brief giggle.

Fine. Then a third of Democrats say they want the government to control the means of production. That is reason enough to stay clear of them.

As I said, at the current point they are not all the way to socialism…but they are steadily moving closer, by way of social welfarisim.

You see a smirk, I see a grimace.
A subtle difference, but a difference.

Either way, I see Biden as more of a stopgap. At his age, he’s only going to be a one - termer. I really do hope the GOP can get it’s act together over the next 4 years. They were on the right track in 2015 until Trump came along. Whether or not they can return to their conservative roots is something we’ll just have to see. I hope they can. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of having to vote Biden, but with Trump being so irresponsible, there is no way I can vote for him.

He has a big mouth and his personal life is not something to follow.
I’m not his confessor.
I hope to see him continue to do a good job above the noise of his opposition.

They still do.

Can’t count the number of times libs here have called him “Saint Ronnie”

Last year, Reagan was a closet racist. Some libs allegedly held him in high regard before that.

Not me. Could not stand the gentleman, but he beats trump easily as a better president. Alzheimer’s and all.

The country was in tough shape in 1981. Much better in 1989, when he left.

Well…waking up to a thread of triggered libs, it must have been a great night…and only 3 more to go. :sunglasses:

Yeah, not you. Maybe. Depends. lol

I really do hope we have 3 more nights of what we had last night. :joy:

Continue to do a good job? Continue? :laughing: