No-Excuse Voting For Nov. 8 Election Starts in Missouri

Voting has officially begun.

Everyone out here so far has apparently been very cooperative with our new constitutional amendment requiring photo ID to vote.

How’s your state coming along?


I’m going tomorrow.

Oppressive Texas has had early voting for a while.

I might also just for the hell of it. I mean, it’s in person, with photo ID proving it’s me, so what’s the big deal, right? :thinking:

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I voted thursday. We’ve had photo ID for years.


Sure doesn’t seem to be the “minorities are too poor and dumb to get an ID” disaster that some folks hyped it up to be. :person_shrugging:


They have no problem getting an ID. I think the objection was that having a Photo ID would make it harder to cheat.

Not that they (woke libs) would ever admit it. :roll_eyes:

Our elections need to be secure. Period.


Libertarian in every race there was one


I’ll be voting “NO!” on every ballot measure presented this year, especially the cannabis “legalization” one.

How come? Just wondering

All hot garbage.

The cannabis measure was written by the same snakes who wrote the dripping-with-corruption medical sham we have now (complete with several federal investigations ongoing). Chosen winners and losers (limited dispensaries), criminal penalties for possession of more than 3oz, tracking system and licensing for recreational grows.


Ah gotcha. Makes perfect sense. Thank you

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Sounds like Pennsylvania’s cruddy cannabis law.

Early voting is pure totalitarian communism!


In person. ID in hand.

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I decided to wait until tomorrow.

Can’t believe I have to stand with the Sheriffs in opposition to a cannabis legalization effort… soup sammich. :rofl:

I lived in MD for 34 years. Went to the same Elementary school to vote except 2020, had to go to a local HS ( Covid BS). Nobody ever asked for an ID just my name and address. LOL
I voted for the first time here in Florida in the primaries. Had to show my DL. Whatever.

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