No Emergency At the Border: Senate Votes to End National Emergency

Breaking now:

GOP who broke with Trump and voted in favor:

This feels like a big event.

Where the hell did this come from? What brought this on?

Trump is weakened right now so some of them are voting in their own interests versus his.

It’s a signal.

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getting funding back for the pending civil war.

Fat donald will veto it and that’s when the fun begins.

He wont veto it he needs as much support as he can get. My take is he will sign and then look for more of a platform when the impeachment silliness is over with

If I remember right congress is supposed to vote every 6(?) Month to authorize the emergency. Dems keep using this procedure to make sure there is a record of how each senators vote.

Just as the country is now great again, the invasion is now over thanks to Trump, our Lord and Master.


This wasn’t supposed to happen till AFTER the election.

Somewhat surprising on the part of Republicans since it’s safe to assume that the majority of Trump supporters disagree that the border situation is no longer an emergency. Will be interesting to see the reaction.

I think he’ll veto it, and I think the Senate knows that he will.

This was a signal - that he can’t just expect to take them for granted. Whether the signal gets through to him or not is a different story.

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Maybe we shall see. saying that Vetoing it will play to the red hat mob and fuel their thoughts that Donald is up against the swamp while trying to MAGA

Well with a sane president this would be a metaphorical shot across the bow to let him know his support in the Senate is slipping away.

Fewer votes than back in March.


Did it feel like a big event when they did the same thing last March?

What fun? It will end the same way it did before. Was that fun?

All praise be unto Trump, who built a gazillion mile high wall on the border and ended the national emergency.

Now, where’s that damn check from Mexico???

McSally voted for Trump’s unconstitutional National emergency declaration again. Well, I definitely know now that I may the right choice in voting for Sinema over McSally. McSally is also Senator for our State because our Governor appointed her for McCain’s seat after that election.

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If only they had known about the other vote.