NO deadline for china but maybe after the election

Hmmm…i seem to remember something about Obama the right screamed and howled over…I just cant place my finger on what it was…

Literally everything the gop cried over obama for trump has done…I love it.

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Ol’ Flexible Trump

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Not many would like the deal I would make with china.

That said, if no deal is made, it will force the dimocrats to take a position on trade with their commie buddies.

What’s their plan?

Trump should have more flexibility to handle them after his reelection.

The TPP which was designed in part to address the same issues trump claims he wants to address, but with a pro growth strategy that didn’t include tariffs or trade wars.

king/god hussein the 1st no longer makes policy here.

They got nothing new?

Farmers can wait till after thr election

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Yet another reason I am now a FORMER republican. We have right here people who are quite content with one president lambasting one president for saying they would have more flexibility after the election, while being quite content with another president saying basically the same thing.

Both presidents were unwise in saying it - yet there are those who will only condemn one.

Glad I don’t have to be hypocritical like that.


THat’s not actually correct. There was absolutely a tariff policy. This really needs to be stressed. There is nothing actually wrong with targeted tariffs.

Meanwhile, the bailout of the farmers has cost twice as much as the bailout of the car companies.


He will be more flexible and better able to grab his ankles after the election.

Ahhh, good old Trump.

Always comes down to, “he said, Xi said.”


The Dow is now down at about 370 points.

Why do they need something new?

Here’s the complete list of trade agreements spearheaded by President Deals:


It’s okay, they’re rural white Christians.

The con-artist continues the con. :joy: