No Cash Argument

This is something I wrote out and saved a few years ago. I posted on the Maddowblog a few times.
I am interested to see what people think on Hannity blog.


The Government knows that over a million crimes a day are committed through the use of money everyday in America and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

We have laws on the books against these crimes, because We the People, through our elected legislatures, in local, state , and Federal Government, have decided we do not want these things to occur.

If there were a way to eliminate these things from occurring without violating anyone’s Rights, would not everyone be for doing that?

There is a way - eliminating the use of cash, and go to a card and check system only.

Law abiding citizens barely use cash as it is, and do not have to use cash at all, except for a few minor things that can be fixed, such as parking meters and vending machines.

Some of the crimes that can be eliminated or reduced by maybe 90 percent would be (in no particular order) :

1 Working under the table avoiding income taxes
2 Using cash to purchase large amounts of drugs
3 Using cash to purchase small amounts of drugs
4 Street selling of narcotics
5 Street selling of guns
6 Illegal sports betting
7 Money laundering
8 Using illegally obtained money to purchase things
9 Store robbery for money
10 Home robbery for money
11 Mugging for money
12 Selling of stolen property
13 Buying of stolen property
14 Running an illegal non registered business for cash
15 Bribery with cash
16 Blackmail for cash
17 Street prostitution
18 Counterfeiting
19 Illegal wealth transfers
20 Illegal immigration

Only legal people will be allowed to open bank accounts and have cards.

People who cannot get a bank account and card, for any reason, will be issued a Government card.

Everything will go on these cards, such as your pay from work, Government assistance, tax refunds, and all purchases.

Every transaction you make in life will be on your card.

There will be no pre-paid cards because there will be no cash.

You can still use all your current bank and debit cards, write checks, use credit cards.

Personal transactions will be done by phone to phone, or you can go to a 7-11, or a bank.

Drug dealers and users will be out of business because that is a cash business. The Government will be able to know if someone is taking in money like that.


Waaaaaaaait a min

So what your saying then is everything I use now would only be linked to the one card???

hackers DREAM is what you are proposing. Also (since it’s in your name) a taxer’s dream as well. We know everything about ever single person and can custom make taxes to go after certain people.

That will never happen. A way around it will be found.

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No, it wont be linked to one card.
That is only for those people who cannot open a bank account.
Maybe they had trouble with a bank and were black listed.
I was once, couldnt open an account for years cause of overdraft charges even though I paid the checks.

You can live just as you live now.
The only difference is no cash.
People barely use cash now for anything.

Most cash is used for crimes in one way or another.
From the guy on the corner selling 20 dollars of crack.
To the waitress who is pocketing tips and not declaring the income.

Can you think of a way around cash for drug dealers?
There is no way around it.
I have been thinking about this a long time.
What they going to take credit cards from the drug addicts?
People going to drive up to the corner and transfer 20 dollars to the dealers phone account?
whats that going to look like , when money from thousands of people are going into one guys account who doesnt have a job

uhhh no I can’t. I use cash a LOT.

Low income people essentially live off cash.
And there are people like me that if I’m buying something for under 5 to 10 dollars in a store it’s cash.

I suppose you have a link to this? I don’t think that is the case.

You’ve given two very minor examples.
I can give you examples of people paying $200 cash for groceries (see it all the time where I live), to people who pull out a couple bucks to pay for their snacks at a corner store.

It will become a barter system. You want your drugs, well I need x from you (be it a TV, be it a car, be it whatever).

So how are you going to know a transaction from person to person is drugs under your sinario? Is government going to be drilled down that deep into our everyday life?

Again, you really want the government drilled that far deep into EVERYONE’s life?

I don’t.

I don’t like the idea. I’d have to find a new way to hide money from my wife…

Every time she sends me to the store I select $5 or $10 cash back and put it in my wallet.


Small price to pay to eliminate all that crime.
Crime the police could not possible catch and arrest in a million years.
We have freedom in America.
But are we supposed to be free to break the law?
Eliminating cash would be a big change,
but it would put a ton of crime out out business/

Still waiting for your link to show how much “petty” crime would be eliminated.

Bunch of the big stuff (embezzlement, pyramid schemes, hacking would continue and might be much easier.)

This remind me of an old joke how a guy would hide a part of his salary in his mouth but every time it was payday his wife would jump on him with kisses. :grin:

We are well on our way to a mostly cashless society. It will happen on its own.

I can only imagine.
Think about it.
Maybe you live somewhere there is not crime.
Buit even on Jersey Shore and west of the shore, there is crime.
Countless millions of crimes occur everyday.
The police cannot do anything about it.
Hoe many highschool kids right now do you think are smoking pot cause their friend bought an ounce of pot or a nicklebag?
The kid could not buy it without cash.
Use your head, you can spend the rest of your life, thinking about crimes committed with cash, and never run out of things to think of.
Crime with the use of cash can be 100 percent eliminated by eliminating cash.

Well,. most honest law abiding people do not ever use cash.
The have a debit card, credit cards, and checks, and that can be used for everything.
People have direct deposit from work.
When they go to the store they use the card.
Bills are often paid online, or if not online, send a check.
Where does the need fore cash come in?
The only people who would argue they need to use cash are people trying to break the law.
Sure society would change a bit.
But for the better.
No more turf wars in Baltimore or Chicago. Because the turf would be worthless because no one going there spending cash.
And the gangs are not petty crimes at all.

Am I required to have a link for my opinion on any subject?


but I don’t have to believe what you just tell me you think is true either.

So I’m going to stick with my thought that most people who use cash do so for a legal purpose.

Example. Car I bought a few years ago. I don’t finance cars. Not worth it. Long as the car can get me saftely from point a to point c without breaking down at point b . . . it’s worth the money I pay. I had talked to the dealership that had the used car. All I had to do was go do the test drive and look it over to make sure it was “as advertised”.

I knew what the final out the door amount was. I went with cash.

Put my old car up for sale. I’m not taking a check from someone I don’t know. It was cash. Government doesn’t need to know I’ve sold a car, nor do they need to know how much I sold it for.

Had an old camera laying around. Not worth a bunch, but it was a nice pro-am camera. Sold it for cash. Does the government NEED to know I’ve sold an old camera and how I got for it. Under your circumstances EVERY transaction the government will know about. No we don’t need government that far up in our business.

Now to get your “cashless” society there is one huge thing (good luck with it) that will have to happen. The transaction fee for cards will have to be eliminated. There is a per transaction fee on BOTH credit cards and debit cards. It’s how the companies make the money to buy the computer equipment, phone lines, staff and all that to make the system work.

How do you propose to deal with that little issue?

Not to mention what kind of “fee” the government would charge for their card for those who can’t get bank accounts. You’re going to have to have an entirely new level of burocracy or pay a private company to administer it.

How are you going to pay a 12 year old for mowning your law? or the 13 year old to babysit your kids? At what age will they “get a card” and who will have control over it?

You give your kid a weekly allowance . . . . is that going to go on a card in the kids name?

No, we don’t need government that far into our lives.

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By the way, how do I edit my profile? I want to put my Trump table of contents on there for all my files.
So everyone will know how serious I am.
When I was younger tried to take 438,000 in cash out of the bank, they threatened to call the cops, and closed the account and sent me a cashiers check.
The bank said cash was a security risk.

Their is no difference between cash and a card for honest law abiding people.

The government already knows who buys and car and sells a car.
You have to take the tiotle to DMV to get plates and registration.
You have to put on it how much you paid.

You can still make every transaction, buy and sell anything you want, on your bank card, as I explained.

The government already gives most of those people cards, It is called food stamps, or welfare, or assassitance, all on a card.

All they have to do is allow every transaction on it.

But it is great incentive to get off the government card and get a real bank account.

You pout the lawn money on the kuds card from your phone.

You slice his card onto your phone.
OR you can do it at a ATM or 7-11
The kid is paid
No cash.
Now he has the money in his account.

Only people who are legal to be here and cant get a bank card will get the government cad.
When I was in kid growing up in the 70’s I have a bank account, at Central Jersey bank, with a bank book.
When I was little.
The bank can issue a debit card with the account, no problem.
You put your kids allowance onto his card
easy peasy

Nope, I use cash daily. Go out to eat with the wife, pay cash, etc

Galactically stupid idea, but I guess it would be more honest just to throw away any remaining illusion of our money being real anymore anyway.


No free thinking allowed. Preferably NYT or Washington Post.

I’m watching for spelling errors.


I’m ok with cashless, my illegals aren’t going to care for it.

It is a very smart idea.
Why would anyone use cash ?
unless you wanted to break the law, you dont have to use cash

None of your business there, nosey. :wink:

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