Nine people found guilty of supporting Independence in Hong Kong

The nine ring leaders of the Umbrella revolution have been found guilty of their action of causing “Mass panic” and will likely be sentenced to decided in Jail. well the West was fast to call out for freedom in Venezuela I doubt these nine people will be championed as heroes by world leaders due to the fear of China.

The colonial-era charges — conspiracy to cause a public nuisance, inciting other people to cause a public nuisance, and inciting people to incite others to cause a public nuisance — sound faintly comical.

But the consequences for the nine leaders of the pro-democracy umbrella movement convicted by a Hong Kong court this morning are likely to be dire; up to seven years in jail for each count.

The 268-page judgment calls the massive 2014 demonstrations, which saw hundreds of thousands spill into the streets in support of the right of Hong Kong residents to select their own political leader, “naive.” And it categorizes the 79-day blockade of the city’s central business district and a main shopping thoroughfare as “unreasonable disruptions to public order.”

Sentencing could come as soon as tomorrow for law professor Benny Tai, Baptist minister Chu Yiu-ming, retired sociologist Chan Kin-man and the six other activists, including two current members of Hong Kong’s legislative council.