Nicaragua detrimental bad news!

Can you inform us as to what’s going in Nicaragua? Even a reported got killed to keep media quite, and Fox is not informing anything. Costa Rica is not reporting anything . The media has blocked all channels. Apparently the US government has requested all their government representatives in Nicaragua to move out ASAP. Can you verify all of this.

The protests originally started over proposed changes to the country’s Social Security system by Daniel Ortega. Payroll deductions would have increased and current recipients would have had to pay 5% of their Social Security check into a medical insurance fund.

He has backed off those changes, but there is a lot of pent up resentment to Ortega’s essentially dictatorial rule and this incident took the lid off the pressure cooker.

I would like to know as well. It seems that Ortega vowed to withdraw his SS overhaul but it appears that the protesters and most of the citizens wants this clown to quit.

So if I understand correctly, those working will have to put in more for Social Security to receive less? Is it strictly current recipients of Social Security who must put 5% of their checks into a medical insurance fund? Those to draw it in the future won’t have to, but will receive less money?

Afraid I’d be mad, too.

Ortega is still the big boss man…lmao!

I can’t believe leftist still run against things like Imperialism, and get elected… Talk about mind numb socialists robots. It’s not the 1800’s anymore. Stay woke…lol!

It’s insanity–doing the same thing and expecting some different results.

Looks like those depending on such benefits as Social Security support Ortega.

BTW Does anyone know the criteria for receiving Social Security in Nicaragua? Is it strictly for retirees? Age of retirement there? Anyone know?