NHL season is about to start

■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■ Caps can get away with everything against the Pens. Blatant, intentional shot to the head… 2 minute penalty. If a Penguin committed that same penalty it would be a match penalty for intent to injure.

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Only a Penguin could get called for a slashing penalty at 20:01 of a period.

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Pretty mediocre start to Pens season.

Devil’s are HOT.

only 12 in a row. underperforming for sure.


Allan (devils fan for life)

This game is rigged. A leafs player begged to ref for a call and literally had a penalty called on the Penguins the next shift.

A puck is clearly uncovered behind the Leafs goalie and it’s immediately blown dead by the reds. They won’t let the Penguins score this game. ■■■■■■■ rigged.

Playing a Canadian team so understandable.

Yep. Letang tripped by Marner, led to a turnover, no call of course. Penguins have no chance in this game. It’s over. They won’t get a call.

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Here you go Mountain Soldier.

Some Hanson Brother Holiday fun!!

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Been an entertaining game in Florida so far… with the exception of that last penalty call. Have a feeling Florida will be getting plenty of opportunities to tie the game.

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Another nice win. Only 4 points behind the Devil’s!

This is getting ugly… 4 penalties in a row on the Pens, 7 overall… still in the second period.

Never mind, make that five in a row.

Sullivan is furious. Senators can do no wrong tonight. Refs are never held to account. Never.

Nine penalties now on the Penguins. They can’t look at a senator tonight. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I bet they called for a dozen tonight. Never have they had so many penalties called in their favor. Never.

the double minor was well deserved.


Which one? There were multiple.

the first one (2 senator goals scored) high sticking, drawing blood.

a stick on the nose that draws blood is an easy call.

got to control your stick at all times.


Of course.

I’m just hoping the Penguins get 9 penalties called in their favor tomorrow during the rematch.

There were obvious dives and embellishments the refs were eating up. And of course only the Penguins get called for an unsportsmanlike conduct.

Reffing was god-awful…. Ottawa got away with everything.

Game last night felt rigged from the start… Giroux embellishing to get a penalty less than a minute in.

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Pens will be luck to make playoffs this year.

My biggest disappointment so far is goaltending.

This is one of the games where the Pens opponent can do no wrong and only the Penguins get penalized. Even after the atrocious officiating last Pens-Rangers game.

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Penguins won’t get a PP the rest of the year. They’re done.

This year it’s been about 10% of games the Pens don’t get a power play.

Refs should have just called this game for the Rangers… oh wait, that’s exactly what they did.

The goal this season is to squeak into the playoffs and then get ousted in the first round.

Time to rebuild this pens team will be next season.

Champion caliber teams are Bruins Canes and Devils for this season.

I will be rooting for the Devil’s in that group.

Pens should keep Crosby for next few years. Build around Rust Guentzel