NFL WEEK 3: Empty Stadiums in Atlanta, Minnesota, Los Angeles | Sean Hannity

The National Football League continued to hemorrhage furious fans as the embattled organization entered its third week of the season, with attendees noting empty stadiums across the country.

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I guess all the fans spent all their ticket money on Nikes.

Bills Down Vikings 27-6
Sunday, Sep 23, 2018
Attendance: 66,800

U.S. Bank Stadium capacity:
66,860 (2018–present) (expandable to 73,000)

I said when this started I would never spend another penny on the NFL. Just as I will no longer be a walking billboard for NIKE. I am a 22 year military Veteran and disabled. I stopped watching football and I stopped wearing ANYTHING that any company makes if they disrespect our country and our Veterans. For the same reason I began exercising my Second Amendment Rights when Obama showed his proclivities and Clinton started her garbage. (both can be read as LIES) When you disrespect people like the police and the military as well as our countries history, you have gone too far. Good riddance.

Looks like attendance was 60 people less than capacity.

It might take a few years, but I think the team and the league should be able to recover from the revenue hit.

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Before posting that rant, did you bother doing any research for yourself or do you just jump on bandwagons?
Mercedes Benz Arena (Atlanta) at 98% capacity for both home games this season. This thread has already been debunked in another thread.

Why do so many conservatives want billionaire Republican NFL owners to lose money?

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Ok I know I posted on this thread, but someone deleted my post… but I guess I will try again, I was at the Saints Falcons game yesterday and it was sold out, so not sure why Hannity is so critical of fake news post fake news???


Sorry to burst your bubble but 28 of 32 teams had 90 percent capacity or better in home attendance and 26 of 32 teams had 90 percent capacity overall.

Any time stamps on those pictures?

I watched the bear game and it seemed like there were plenty of people in the stands. I’m not a avid football fan like many people I know I just like watching the Bears play. Even though sometime they really annoy me with not knowing simple sandlot rules of playing. Like using time outs effectively, keeping the defensive player behind the offensive player, and the 2 minute drill to score using the clock wisely and out of bounds.

Bears have 100.4 percent capacity attendance…they could be in last place in December and it would still be packed.

To the OP…Fake News.

I’m not sure about week 3, but last week against Indy FedEx field was empty, but it wasn’t because of players kneeling/protest. Here in the DC area fans are pissed with Daniel Snyder and the piss poor product being put out on the field, the terrible fan experience at FedEx field, the prices, access to the stadium, parking, traffic and even their restrictions on tailgating. This has everything to do with punk ass Dan Synder and his yes man side kick, Bruce Allen. Situation has been brewing long before Kaep or any other player took a knee. I live 10 minutes from FedEx field and that place is a dumpster fire.

Lost ticket sales should come out of the players salaries as they are the cause of the lost revenue

Are the players contracts based on their game skills during 60 minutes of play each week of the season or on their ability to stand for 3 minutes as only 1/4 of a song, written by a wealthy slave owning Washington lawyer, is played or worse butchered by some singer?

What I see is an NFL that has overvalued their own industry and any empty seat problems have more to do with a top down mismanagement that has been reflected in slumping sales ongoing before the kneeling started.

Those self righteous players better start standing before they cause the NFL to go bankrupt, and as a result they’re left without a job.


You laugh, but those stadiums are EMPTY!

Empty - Full

Makes no difference to me.

I stopped watching football about 10 years ago. It was too difficult watching sunday games when they took place early monday morning (my time). I never got back into it when I got back. When the brain damage stuff started coming out (and one of my team’s long time all-star’s committing suicide), it cemented my decision to lose interest.