NFL WEEK 2: Dolphins Kneel, Broncos Stay in Locker Room, Raiders Sit in Protest | Sean Hannity

The year-long political protests plaguing the NFL continued during the league’s disastrous second week, with multiple players from at least three teams making overt demonstrations during the performance of the US national anthem.

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Meanwhile, the Falcons actually defeated the Panthers yesterday. I certainly don’t see that as a disastrous week.

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Trump supporters seem obsessed.


If I said it once, I’ll say it again: It wouldn’t be a big deal if Idiot Boy didn’t get his jockeys in a bunch and spout off his mouth.

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As he told Jerry Jones, he’s not going to stop because he knows this is a winner with the simpletons that constitute his base.


Yep - he knows his base.


No ■■■■. I saw the headline and was like, will you people just shut up already lol. As much as they say they dont watch the NFL anymore they sure seem to know about everything that’s going on

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Gee…threats and fascist like suppression doesn’t work in America? Who knew?

I’m just happy that the Patriots lost!

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As am I, but my Bills are just pathetic!

As are my Titans. The eeked out a win yesterday but lost every pre-season game. I don’t look for them to win but probably 6 games this season. 6-10 is the best I expect.

RAMS! :sunglasses:

Oh, you mean the weak minded sheep? That ever-shrinking base? The simpletons who can’t think for themselves and do research? The people who clone to right-wing TV and radio? Those simpletons?

Yep, that’s them.

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Im a life long Chiefs fan…Looks we finally drafted a QB that will pan out…Instead of getting others cast offs. (Though I think Alex Smith was a good QB, even though was a bit too conservative…) But our D needs to get its head out of its ass !

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My BIlls much better this week.

What kinda person makes an nfl week thread that only pays attention to this? Do they even like football?