NF HELL: Kaepernick to Seek TRUMP TESTIMONY in Case Against NFL | Sean Hannity

Colin Kaepernick’s legal team is seeking testimony from President Trump regarding the alleged “conspiracy” to keep the out-of-work quarterback from rejoining the NFL after months of player protests.

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If he could play well, he’d be in the NFL.


This nut job started this crap before President Trump was even in the White House.Apparentally like Colin his lawyers are idiots.

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There’s some really interesting testimony from NFL owners regarding Trump lobbying them to black list Kaepernick.

Share it, if you will.

Sorry it’s paywalled, but it’s definitely the best source by a mile.

This boy is completely ignorant, if he was as good as he thinks he is them he would be playing ball. His parents have to be so embarrassed by his idiotic behavior!! Grow up cupcake & get over yourself.

Colin Kaepernick is dating a Muslim, and he is in cahoots with Linda Sarsour who hates America and wants Sharia Law.
She helped to organize the pro abortion women’s March which was actually protesting Trumps win. They had Muslim women going around putting head scarfs on the women there.
His true reason for kneeling during the anthem was to protest America period!